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wide range of SUPERLOCK cable ties available size are 2.5×75mm, 1.8×100mm, 2.2×100mm, 2.5×100mm, 1.9×150 mm, 2.2×150 mm, 2.5×150mm, 3.0×150 mm, 3.6×150mm, 7.6×150mm, 2.5×200 mm, 3.0×200mm, 3.6 × 200mm, 4.8×200mm, 7.6×200 mm, 2.7×250mm, 3.6×250mm, 4.0×250mm, 4.8×250mm, 7.6×250mm, 2.7×300mm, 3.3×300mm, 3.6×300mm, 4.0×300mm, 4.8×300mm, 7.6×300mm, 3.6×350 mm, 4.8×364 mm, 7.6×364 mm, 4.2×400mm, 7.6×430 mm, 4.8×450mm, 4.8×500mm, 7.6×530 mm, 9.0×630 mm, 9.0×710 mm, 7.6×750mm, 9.0×800 mm, 9.0×900 mm all are ready available and lowest price granted....
cable glands. varieties of cable glands available.
varieties of cable ties available..from 75mm to 1220mm ready stock for more than 100 item's to choose...please feel free to contact with us for your requirement 24 hours granted delivery with lowest price through out india.
Marker Ties available at very reasonable price, we have 2.5×100mm & 2.5×200mm ready stock
we have new size available in cable ties for 4.8×920mm very good quality and reasonable price granted....
We have Nylon Cable Ties available size from 2.5×75mm to 9.0×1220 at very competitive prices...
we have PUSH MOUNT CABLE TIES available size PMT 4.8×130MM, 4.8×200MM...very good quality and value for money....
Cable ties available at the price of Rs. 0.06 per pcs lowest in india.....
cable ties available with best quality and value for money series